August 2018

Another month has flown by, but that isn’t unusual for the Summer. Here it is august and the next thing you know, school will be back in session.

In the church the summer months are part of a liturgical season called Ordinary Time. Not that there is something lay back or boring about ordinary but it gives us a chance to look back into some of the older stories and to ask questions regarding our faith.  That is one of the reasons for the “Ask the Preacher” box I’ve had in the sanctuary. I am open to any and all questions that you have. And if I can’t answer then myself, we can learn the answer together. So ask away, I enjoy hearing from you, it helps me serve you better.

For the month of August, I will be speaking on the Old Testament because it was the Bible that Jesus read and learned from. I hope to shed some light on how and what our savoir learned there and that is will give you some insight as to what it is there for.

There are a few more things coming up that may interest you like the choir will be singing in the near future and Pam can always use another voice or two as we move forward. In that vein, there is some new curriculum available for Sunday School and the Christian Education will be getting together soon, so invite the kids. And in September we will be the starting point for the Harvest Walk which will end at Trinity Episcopal in Lexington. It is now the Harvest Walk as all the money raised will stay in the community to fund Project Blessing and the Free Food Trucks. Get your walking shoes ready and help support this important community project.

See you Sunday,


August Prayer Concerns

Ruth Ann Kettlewell

Sgt. Daniel Jonoshies

Thomas Damon

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