September 2018

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Here we are again, at the beginning of another month. This time it begins with Labor Day, a sure sign that summer is over. September also means that school is back in session. As I mentioned last month, we have several new curriculums for Sunday School and are hoping that we will get a chance to try them out soon. Also, the children’s message will be back in the order of worship. Then there is the good news I just received. Session has discussed the possibility of hosting a program for teens on how they can be a part of the fight against hunger. Cros-Les High School will be our focal point in getting the word out to the teens as Mr. Wood has just confirmed their assistance. The program is presented by a young lady from one of the Thumb Presbyterian churches and she has received national acclaim for what she has done. Now the real work of planning this can go forward. As you can tell I am excited about the possibility of bringing young people to our church for this program. This will hopefully be the start of more involvement with the schools and youth.

Speaking of starts, the PNC is really working hard not only to find a new pastor but to see that the future of the church is invigorated. That is something that they found in the surveys you provided and they have taken it to heart. The PNC is being very diligent in asking the right questions and giving the clearest possible image of the church so that they will attract a vital new pastor. I know. I’ve had the privilege of observing the group work. Please continue to pray for the PNC as they are completing the “cerebral” part of the task and will now be heading into the leg work of reviewing candidates. So, if you haven’t joined us lately for worship, take a Sunday and come see what is going on. And don’t forget the Ask the Preacher box. I’m always interested in your questions.

See you Sunday,

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