December 2018

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As I sit and look out my window at the blanket of snow that has fallen, I am re-minded that December is a month of change. That fresh, white, clean blanket is a harbinger of things to come. December is also the month we celebrate Advent, the coming of the Christ Child. That December long ago marked a huge change with the coming of the Christ Child. A change that is the dividing point of history.

As we enter December, we prepare to celebrate that change. A number of years ago I made a comment on what I saw in life that the one thing in life that is constant is that there is always change. I look back at the arrogant young man who thought he would never change and I laugh at myself. Since that time the world has changed, things in it have changed and I have changed (hopefully for the better). But not all the change in the world has been for the better although some would disagree on that point. My concern is that with all the change, we may have lost sight of what beauty we have overlooked in embracing all these changes.

This year as we prepare to change to a new year and whatever changes it may bring, let us, in our preparations, take time to look at the lessons that the greatest change ever is still teaching us. Let us remember that Christ came to make changes in how we look at and react to one another. Reflect on the teachings of Christ when we embrace change so that we can help each other to move our world to being a true neighborhood of love and peace, equality and understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. That is the true change that Christ came to bring to all the world.

And have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

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