March 2019 Newsletter

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As the March winds blow, we begin the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday on March 6th and this year we will, once again, offer the Ash Wednesday Service jointly with the Croswell United Methodist Church at 7:00 PM at the Methodist Church. I sometimes feel that we do not look on the season of Lent with a full understanding of what it truly means. I know that for many years I never quite grasped the meaning of what it portrays. We tend to look at this season as just a time of penitence and abstinence, the giving up of something to show our repent-ance (the Roman Catholic Church was known for the practice of giving up meat on Fridays during lent but that does not have a true biblical root) but it is much more than that. Historically, these 40 days mark the last part of Jesus’ earthly ministry, the time when he reveals his destiny of death to his disciples and gives us what I feel is the greatest of gifts. I look at Lent as a time to reflect and learn; a time to review how well we understand the tenants of our Christian faith and our personal practices. I would like to offer a Lenten Study this year to all who are in-terested. It will be on Thursday, since I am now keeping office hours from 10:00 until whenever, except the third Thursday when the Harbor Beach session meets. I would appreciate your input as to what time you would like to meet together as I will be available any time that day. During that study time, we will explore the scriptures that are encompassed by the Lenten Journey that we walk with our savior. The study will start on March 10 and continue through Maundy Thursday, April 18th when we will meet for the evening service of scripture and communion at our Church at 7:00PM. We have more things planned for the future that are new and (at least to me) exciting so stay tuned as we go forward in Christ together! See you Sunday,

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