May 2019 Newsletter

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Well, it was a busy month that just flew by but it was a very good month, especially with Holy Week and all the services. I especially enjoyed the joint service on Maundy Thursday with our Methodist brothers and sisters and the Community Good Friday service with seven churches participating. It gives all of us a chance to share our faith in God in a common worship. We all work together and that is how it should be. There are things that come up in churches that at times seem to throw us off the track we have planned. Several weeks ago we had the instance where Mary Anne was taken ill and could not play for us. We came through it in fine fashion when we worked together. It reminded me of an article I had read in a newsletter I subscribe to from the Outreach Foundation. It is a Presbyterian Foundation that has a group working to support our smaller congregations throughout the country. The person who heads up the group is Rev. Camille Josey who is a part time pastor in a small church near Atlanta GA as well as posting a dai-ly message on the Facebook page.

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