United Nations Day

Why United Nations Day?

It was after the World War II when 51 countries from across the world came together to take an oath to preserve peace across the globe. The United Nations is a representation of these countries and the United Nations Day is a celebration to commemorate this togetherness for promoting world peace.

United Nations has been constantly working towards promoting peace across the world and to maintain harmony between countries. It was on 24th October 1945, when the UN Charter was first implemented with signatories from the majority of the member countries including the five permanent Security Council members. The agreement reached between these countries is what led to the establishment of the United Nations and hence this day is celebrated to commemorate this event.  Later in the year 1971, the United Nations also suggested the member states/ countries observe this day as a public holiday in their respective nations.

How can we observe United Nations Day:

Celebrating its 75th anniversary in the year 2021, United Nations has been quite successful in maintaining world peace. The anniversary day of the United Nations falls on the 24th of October every year and is a celebration of the promotion of world peace among all 190+ countries. The celebration is not just about the promotion of world peace but it is also a commemoration of how countries come together working on a common goal.

As a celebration every year on this day, the General Assembly Hall of United Nations has an annual concert held in it. Along with world peace, the day is also a celebration of unity among diverse cultural backgrounds. Across the world, countries celebrate the United Nations Day with artistic performances, flags, costumes, and more.

With United Nations representing world peace and unity across the globe, it is prudent to do things that support this cause on the United Nations Day.

  • You can learn more about other cultures and be more open-minded to other nation’s citizens.
  • You can also hold discussions with your friends on the importance of diversity in culture in your workplace or at your home.
  • You can wear the national costume of your country on this day.
  • You can also post the importance of this day and other facts on your social media account with #UnitedNationsDay as your hashtag.
  • There are many events organized by the United Nations on this day to which you can volunteer to.
  • You can also donate to the many causes that the United Nations has across their many different organizations.
  • You can also try a variety of cuisines from across countries to taste the diversity in food across the world.
  • You can also create awareness on maintaining peace and protecting the environment, which is among the major objectives of the United Nations.
  • You can also share your passion for providing disaster relief operations where required in your location as and when required.

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