June 18th, 2021 Karen Rutherford, Piano & voice Recital 5:30 P.M. June 26th, Croswell Street Cruise Bible Study, July 1, Holbrooks 7 p.m. August 14, Croswell Street Cruise


Church family, I cannot express my delight at the windchimes you sent me as a memorial gift for my brother Calvin. He was an amazing singer throughout his time with us, and I can just hear him sing Amazing Grace, everytime I look at the windchimes. To hear the music in the wind is a sweet comfort as we near […]

Sanctuary Re-Opening

Friends, We have reopened for in person service and we are still available on-line for those who cannot come in person. Let us rejoice that God has made us able to worship together and be together as a family. Pastor Leigh


This month we celebrate our independence. It is a great word, independence; I love how it rolls off one’s tongue.  If we look to Merriam-Webster, we find this   Our country even has a Declaration of Independence. IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary […]

Worship in the Sanctuary

Dear Church Family, I wanted to share with you that after much prayer and discussion our session was in full support of us moving to re-engage in worship together in the sanctuary beginning the weekend of June 14 at 10 AM. We give thanks, then, for the promise of our faith—that the Lord God will bless and keep us, the risen Christ […]