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The Frittering

Lately I noticed my online game time has been increasing. I would surmise some of you also take time occasionally to play some solitaire, or some matching games, mah-jongg, or maybe even multi player online games. These games can be fun. And I like to test my knowledge and abilities against a machine occasionally. Some games are even good for […]

No Touching!

I just gave out a list of scripture to look at while experiencing anxiety. I read through it again and it does bring me peace. But now, today, I need more than peace. I just listened to Govenor Whittmer of Michigan. She seems to ahve her head securely attached to her shoulders. I like her. But she brought news I […]

Passing Time

Here I sit at home, passing time. I have periods of overwhelming joy, I have periods of overwhelming sadness. I don’t know what the long term results of the Corona Virus are going to be, and that is annoying at least, and extremely worrying at best. What can we possibly do? I watch CNN and hear the talking heads debate […]


Waiting… This picture brings many ideas to my mind. They are so cute! Don’t you want a puppy! Is Leigh working for the pound now? Yes, they are cute, I always want a puppy, and no, I don’t work for the pound, but if I did I would have way too many animals. The story behind this picture is this: […]

Ephesians 1 & Grace

I have been reading Philip Yancey’s book, “What’s So Amazing About Grace”. Then I came upon this reading from Ephesians. Here we have Paul, a Pharisee by birth, a persecutor of the early Christian Church, writing about Jesus Christ. Paul who, until his episode on the Damascus road, had been known as Saul, is an excellent example of God’s grace […]