Church History

In 1889, a small group of men and women voted to organize the current Presbyterian Church of Croswell which was formally established in 1890.  Property was purchased and the first part of the present church building was constructed which provided a place for the first worship service to be held on November 1, 1890.

In 1919 plans for remodeling and expanding the church building were approved.  A church building in a neighboring town 6 miles away was divided into two parts and moved overland on sled during the winter.  The impact of this addition on the life of the community made it one of the most important events in the church’s history.

The addition was called the “Community House”.  It had a gymnasium floor with a stage at one end.  This room was used for all home basketball games for Croswell High School as well as civic and high school drama programs which were presented on the stage.  If a church ever existed to serve the community, First Church in that period had more impact on the community than at any time in the church history.

In 1955 additional plans were made to again remodel the church which included facing the outside of the building with the beautiful stone.  A basement was excavated under the building for two large fellowship rooms, a pastor’s study, a kitchen and new restrooms.  The excavation was done by a crew of church members using shovels and wheelbarrows! This work was the last major remodeling done on the building.  Regular maintenance work continues to be done, supervised by the Building and Grounds Committee of the Session.  One of the most notable recent projects was the installation of air-conditioning making the church comfortable on warm summer days.